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tv   9 News at 5am  NBC  February 18, 2016 5:00am-5:30am MST

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right now... intersection is person died in a police car. 9news reporter noel brennan is live at 88th and federal. noel - police say the officer was responding to a the crash. michelle wilkins
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michelle wilkins
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detail about the attack.
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thinking of her unborn baby - a girl she'd already named aurora. it is now day two in the trial of dynel lane, the woman accused of brutally taking the unborn baby from her. the prosecution will call more witnesses today. they plan to call 19 or 20 witnesses during the trial. thieves in wheat ridge had their pick of 78 cars from a dealership... they took 11 for a test drive... and now it looks like they decided to pass on eight of them. a thief or group of thieves stole the keys to every car on a dealership this week... and got away with 11 cars. the owner told us he's impressed with
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cars off the lot. yesterday police told us- they have eight of the cars back. six were in arvada... they didn't say where the other two were found. among the recovered cars were a jaguar s- type and b-m-w x- three. police are still searching for a missing chevy malibu, ford fiesta and ford explorer. apple refuses to comply.. in a letter released on the company's website .. apple ceo tim cook says his company will fight the order to help the f-b-i 9news reporter vida urbonas is here with more.. this is really sparking debate across the country .. apple c-e-o tim cook is challenging a judge's order that the technology company assist the f-b-i with unlocking an iphone used by accused terrorist syed farook. cook says says it could potentially undermine encryption for millions of other users. digital rights
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out to support apple yesterday .. they protested against federal demands that it help unlock the iphone of one of the san bernardino shooters. protesters gathered outside the apple store in san francisco yesterday to show support for the tech company. organizers say the order calling for apple to build a software "backdoor" to help the fbi break into the phone .. is "unprecedented." they say apple's compliance with the order would undermine the safety and security of millions of iphone users worldwide. the federal government says it needs to have access to any records in farook's track leads to isis. the department of justice maintains the request would only have an impact on one device, and that they are not asking apple to redesign its product or to create a new backdoor to one of their products. apple says the order could endanger phone privacy for hundreds of millions of law- abiding citizens around the world.
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comply with the order sets a dangerous precedent. apple has five days to respond to the court ... the fcc will vote today on a proposal to let consumers swap pricey cable boxes for cheaper web devices and apps. it would let customers get video services from the likes of google, apple and tivo, instead of set-top boxes from cable and satellite providers. nearly all consumers must now get their boxes from their cable companies, and pay an average of $231 a year to lease those devices. it's a's a's the stock market! the dow has gained a whopping 794 points in just the last three days, and today is looking like a positive start to the day. the dow's surge has cut losses for this year by almost half. some market watchers are put in the lows for the quarter...thanks to rising oil prices and signs that the fed won't raise
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expected this year. stocks posted a third straight day of gains on powered by oil prices, which rose more than five crude is trading this morning. on unemployment, and earnings from wal-mart. ahead today.... they countrys health and human services secretary will spend the day in flint, michigan. sylvia burwell wants to see the city's response to its lead- water... including its efforts to get bottled water to residents. the state's governor has hired new engineers and deadline of one pipes that are causing the trouble.... so that they can be replaced. for the first time in more than 8- decades... a sitting president will visit cuba. the white house says president obama will make the trip.... as a sign of the restored ties between the two countries. president obama's trip to cuba will be apart of his trip to latin america next
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to visit was calvin coolidge... in 19-28. comedian bill cosby is firing back at a woman who accused him of sexual assault. andrea constand and bill cosby settled a lawsuit back in 2005... and the settlement had confidentiality clauses. but - when other women recently came forward with their allegations of sexual assault against cosby - constand spoke out too. now - cosby's suing her, her lawyer, her mom and a tabloid for a breach of contract. rocky mountain national park has a new claim to fame: america's third busiest national park. rocky welcomed more than four million visitors for the first time last year. national parks across the country are drawing more visitors - a record 307 million visits last year. that's nearly a five percent increase over the record set in 2014.
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park ranks 1st - with more than 10 point 7 million visitions last year. the grand canyon is in 2nd - they also set a new attendance record. the national park in our backyard ranks 3rd - up two spots from 20-14. yosemite and yellowstone round out the top 5. this week, we're
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neighborhoods around the metro area that people love. so far, we've looked at lowry, edgewater and five today- we're place you've probably never heard of.... and why residents there think it's the best neighborhood. this week - we've been looking into unique
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been looking into unique neighborhoods - and today, we're going with one that's not well known. 9news traffic reporter amelia earhart introduces us to: barnum. while we only got one social submission for the barnum neighborhood, but i simply had to check it out. with a quick online search one finds a denver business journal article citing a recent study that pegs this tiny 1950's style locale as the "hottest neighborhood of 2016" located directly
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hillside suburb west of denver boasts incredible downtown skyline and mountain views. the name barnum may sound familiar to you, and theres a reason. this 160 acre plot was purchased by master showman pt barnum of barnum & bailey's circus. he never brought the circus to denver, and sold the land to his daughter just years later for exactly one dollar. i spent the afternoon walking around barnum yesterday and was taken by the panoramic views, the proximty to ammenities like the i-70 coordioor, the local rec center and the rtd west lightrail line. the local rec center, set atop a beautiful hillside with a pool that would be any kid's summertime dream. on facebook and twitter, we are polling to see if you have ever heard of what is being called "2016's hottest denver neighborhood" or if you were just as surprised as us. join the conversation by using the hashtag 9neighborhoods
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hour, we talk about the future of barnum and their involvement in the denver livability partnership, as well as real estate prices that could be changing as this somewhat undisvoered neighborhood gains popularity. millions of years ago.... raptors roamed in this part of the world. that's confirmed thanks to a new discovery of footprints at dinosaur ridge by c-u denver researchers.... the fossils are the first of their kind to be found in colorado -- and only the second - ever found in north america. only about 15 such raptor prints have been found worldwide. the newly- discovered tracks are estimated to be 105-million years old. even though the dinosaurs had three toes -- only two show up in fossils. lockly says the
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track shows the dinosaur was about the size of an emu. while it wasn't very large, that sickle- shaped claw made it a very effective killer - just like the ones in jurassic park. if you have plans for a night out - without the kids - be ready to shell out the cash. gregg will explain how babysitters are asking for big bucks! but first, lets check in with marty
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a hospital in southern
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. a busy intersection in westminister is shut down after a deadly accident. this one involving a westminister police squad car. i remember thinking of her. i felt like i wanted to survive also for her. so i fought back harder. her baby girl. michelle wilkins takes the stand and describes the day a woman attacked her, cutting her


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